Remembering Dad… Antioch Printing’s first president

What a great day of celebrating dad’s life! Last Friday was very special. Those last few days in hospice care were special for our family. We laughed, cried, told stories, laughed more and cried often. We sat in dad’s room and although it seemed he was not aware of us, every now and then he would open his eyes and we could see he was with us. He could hear everything! When I shared stories of the great grandchildren with him, he had a tear come trickling down his right cheek. He loved those kids. My mind knows he is in a better place and will never have to fight Parkinson’s disease again, but my heart misses him so much already.

I remember when I was working for the YMCA and he would call me at night and ask me to come help him figure out how to run the presses. I’m sure I would frustrate him as I would throw paper across the room because I couldn’t get it to feed. That first few months  in business I came by every night and printed. We learned fast and became good at putting ink on paper and everywhere else… hands and face! That first two weeks in business, his only press operator took off to Colorado in the delivery car. We didn’t hear from him for 2 or 3 weeks. We had no idea when or if he was coming back. He did return, gave us the car keys and took off. Dad, being dad, never pressed charges for stealing the car and some money out of the cash drawer. As my sister has often said, “Dad trusted everyone!”

Dad taught me that I could do anything as long as I put hard work and a determined mindset to it. He taught me to tackle problems by first defining the problem, researching it and then take action. As printing continues to change with new technology, I will continue to remember what dad taught me as a young man. His legacy will live on… I will make sure of that!

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Owner of Antioch Printing in Kansas City, Missouri
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