Printing Recycling

Every Wednesday a truck from Midwest Recycling comes to Antioch Printing to pick up our recycled paper. We have been doing it for over 10 years now. When we print, it is usually on an oversize sheet with “color bars” on it so we can monitor color. When we cut the finish piece down, we have the extra “scrap” from the gutters, bleeds and outside edges that is recycled. I love our staff. They make every effort to make sure every paper scrap is recycled. We have mail houses that save our boxes and return them to us to use again. One of our very good customers sends back boxes and chipboard to be used again. We also recycle our metal plates. I hope this helps educate what Antioch Printing does to contribute to the recycling process.

About antioch printing

Owner of Antioch Printing in Kansas City, Missouri
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