Keep on fishing!

Why can’t I get fishing off my mind? I keep seeing my grandson, Antonio’s, eyes light up when he catches a fish. I’d love to be 10 again… at least for one fishing trip! I was fishing with my grandpa when I was 10 or so and remember using his frog lure. It was a life like frog approx. 3″ that would sit on top of the water. It was one of his favorites. He would always bring his old wooden boat  slowly right by the lily pads across the lake from his cottage.  His perfect cast would always land on top or right beside one of those lily pads. This particular evening he let me use the frog lure! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for his tour past the lily pads. We slowly floated close to the spot. I lifted my rod with the special “coffee grinder” reel and sent the wooden frog sailing off to the lily pads. I had watched him closely, so I knew just where to cast the lure. “Splash” … it landed. I slowly reeled the old lure in with a little jerk of the rod every 12″ or so. I saw a swirl and was sure a big bass was about to attack my frog. I jerked the rod upward  to set the hook. I had something… it was big! I reeled it in fast as my grandpa kept yelling for me to “keep the line tight!”… “don’t reel too fast”…”let him play with it” …. “not too much”… “bring him closer to the boat”. My heart was racing. My first big bass. My grandpa would be so proud! As grandpa brought it into the boat, he started laughing at what I had done. In my excitement I had snagged the big bass across the back of his top fin! That giant bass was not even interested in the magic balsa frog. I had literally snagged the bass with the two treble hooks from the dangling frog’s legs! Well it didn’t matter to me. It had been caught and landed in the boat! Later that day we put it in the live well on my grandpa’s dock. I still remember going down to the dock every 15 minutes to check on the monster bass. I don’t remember how much it weighed. I am pretty sure the size and weight have gotten bigger as time has gone by. So, I’m thinking it must have been 6 to 8 pounds! That is one thing I have to remember to teach Antonio…. how to tell those stories of the “ones that got away” or… “it must have been at least 6 pounds” or “I lost count on how many we caught… must have been 18 to 24!”. Fishing. Can’t beat the memories! I hope Antonio has some good stories to share with his kids!

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