Keep on Trucking!

When I was a lot younger, the Grateful Dead had a song titled “Keep on Trucking”.  I have a friend that was stopped by the local police when we were 19 and they asked him what the “Keep on Trucking” bumper sticker meant on the back of his car. No laws were being broken… no reason for the pull over. My friend just replied “You know… just keep on keeping on… you know just ‘Keep on Trucking’! They told him to drive safely and let him go on his way.

In these changing times with economic issues hitting everyone in different ways, I am reminded of that story. Define what we do best, keep doing it, let people know about it and keep your ears and eyes open for new technology that will benefit our customer’s business.  In other words have faith and “Keep on Trucking!”

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2 Responses to Keep on Trucking!

  1. Deb Redman Settle says:

    TWO of your friends were stopped, and I am married to one of them–the one who was the passenger in the car! We laughed at this story because we remember it well. Now, some 40 years later, good citizens and still best of friends, all…Thanks for sharing!

    • Thought you might recognize the story! I keep trying to learn how to get our website on goggle search page one….. blogging is suppose to help!! Look for more stories! I’ll keep the names private… or just make up new ones!…Larry will be JTMF and so on!

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