Printing in the 21st Century

As I continue to learn about marketing for Antioch Printing, I can see I have a lot to learn. SEO to Social Networking and website development is all a part of marketing. As a small print shop located in Kansas City, I have solely relied on the old methods of marketing. Word of mouth, excellent quality printing and good old fashion customer service was all I thought we needed. Now as the world changes, I can see the need for different types of marketing. Still relying on the former, I am stepping out to teach this “old dog” some new tricks. Ok, here I go…. the first jump!

About antioch printing

Owner of Antioch Printing in Kansas City, Missouri
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1 Response to Printing in the 21st Century

  1. Julie Iverson says:

    Nice Job – we may be small in numbers of employees – but we are mighty in quality and service!

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